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Recommended websites and articles.

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Mental health

General autism & neurodiversity

The National Autistic Society (UK)

What is Asperger's? Explained by the National Autistic Society (NAS)


The NAS explains the autism diagnostic procedure in the UK:

How to talk about autism:

Life on the Spectrum

Life on the Spectrum writes about getting a diagnosis. Also an excellent website for information: 

Also from Life on the Spectrum - A blog which discusses the way many Aspies feel:

And why it's OK to want a diagnosis:

The Art of Autism

Holly Bridges is a neurodivergent author, teacher and therapist who works to promote a greater appreciation of autism and Aspergers:

Holly Bridges website. Ways to help calm our nervous system in order to better support our executive functions:

The empathy myth:

Everyday Aspie

Everyday Aspie summarises some lesser known autism facts:

Devon Price

Devon Price writes on 

Siena Castellon




Neurodiversity Belgium:

ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium is a non-profit support organisation run entirely by volunteers, providing support, evidence-based information and resources for the English, Dutch and French speaking people in Belgium. Including, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the Autism Spectrum (ASC) and Learning Differences, such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia  (Developmental Coordination Disorder)



Chris Packham, autistic naturalist and TV presenter. Radio Times article:

How to be a good autism ally:

Society for Neurodiversity (S4ND)


A recently created online UK organisation and community of neurodiverse or neurodivergent people. Has a wonderful mission statement. Become a member for free to access services, groups of interest, online events, support and networks. Also open to English speakers abroad:

The Royal Circle of Autism


 ‘Outpourings of an autistic mum to three kids all on that glorious spectrum, that the middle one renamed The Royal Circle of Autism!’ 



The specific needs of autistic people when going to hospital:


Erin McKinney discusses ways to help autistic people calm themselves: 

Laura James, author of Odd Girl Out, talks about her late diagnosis of autism as an adult with hEDS:

The need to embrace autism and neurodiversity:

Guardian article about autistic environment campaigner, Greta Thunberg:

Why it is so important to listen to autistic people themselves:

Autistic Hoya discusses the semantics of autistic person vs person with autism:

Autistic meltdowns:

Some strange, autistic, pink-loving, crazy cat lady I found on the internet. Oh wait, that's me! 

Autact - an autistic led theatre company:

Film-making Blog talking about aspiring film-makers on the spectrum, by The Autism Site:

The National Disability Theatre (US)

Asperger Foundation - based in London, UK.  Useful information about Asperger’s syndrome:

Autangel - UK based organisation but has regular online webinars.

AANE - Education and support for autistic people:

Autism Europe:

Autism Flanders (Belgium - Dutch language)  

Pasform (Belgium - Dutch Language) 

Neurodiverse Nurses UK: An organisation specifically for neurodiverse nurses in the UK. 

Autistic Doctors International:

Self-tests and articles about signs and symptoms: 


These are not diagnostic but are guides to help you decide if you may need or want to pursue a full autism assessment. More female specific lists can be found in the women and girls’ section. 

European Brains at Work:

Neurotales Group:

NeuroTales is a writers group that connects Neurodivergent and Mad writers, strives to develop their work, and ultimately aims to put Disabled folk behind the wheel of their own narrative.

Facebook groups:

I do not personally have any experience of Facebook groups, but the following were recommended to me:


Autistic Women + Living Authentically (Women only)

Actually Autistic Adults and Allies (Marcelle Ciampi's list)

children schools

Children, schools, parents and teachers

How to talk to children about autism:

Autism awareness and support in primary school:

Sensory challenges in the classroom:

How to spot autism in the classroom:

Toileting advice for autistic children: 



women resources

Autistic women & girls

AWE (Autistic Women Everywhere)

Fantastic website with many autistic women's personal stories. Also, the home of writer and artist, Michelle Riksman:



Guardian article discussing why women and girls are so under-diagnosed:   

Laura James, author of Odd Girl Out, talks about her late diagnosis of autism as an adult with hEDS:


Another Guardian article discussing the differences for autistic women and girls: 



Cynthia Kim discusses how autism is often misdiagnosed as psychiatric illness in women: 


Siobhan Ronan talks about her autism diagnosis as an adult, after going through a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder:   


Lil' ol' me, talking about my own late diagnosis:   



Carrie Beckwith-Fellows gives a Ted talk about her late diagnosis of autism:




Susan Dunne writes: "I was diagnosed with autism in my 40s. I had no support, and spent a year weeping with regret for what felt like a train wreck of a life..." 




Maxine Share discusses the misdiagnosis of girls and women:


Actress, Daryl Hannah talks about her own late autism diagnosis:

Reese Piper talks about her late diagnosis and why she wishes she had been diagnosed as a child: 


Marcelle Ciampi M.Ed. (formerly Samantha Craft) has several websites and blogs (some retired but still available) as well as books and a very useful checklist for autism signs in women and girls: 



Autistic woman, Michelle Vines writes about autism in women: 




BBC website – autistic women’s voices:


Another website devoted to autistic women:



The National Autistic Society’s website, discussing autism and gender:  



Dr Temple Grandin, prolific author, and speaker on both autism and animal behaviour, and professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University: 


Work & burnout

I highly recommend:


Thinking Differently About Autism, April 2022: A fantastic series of 5 international panels consisting of actually autistic experts, organised by Sienna Castellon in partnership with Lexxic, for Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Highly recommended!



Autistic burnout explained:

Autistic fatigue:


More autistic fatigue:

Autistic fatigue and exhaustionUndercover Autie (Emma):



Autistic burnout and regression (2017)  - Cherry Blossom Tree (Kate):


An autistic burnout -The Autistic Advocate (Kieran):


Autistic burnout: the cost of masking and passing  - Ryan Boren:

Burnout and expectations - Patrick Dwyer:




Ask an autistic #3 - What is autistic burnout? - Amythest Schaber:

The thrive with Aspergers podcast  - 5 autistic burnout recovery tips you need to learn now:!d8ee2 

Autistic burnout:


Audio blog My autistic burnout and recovery Karlett A :

Neurodiversity guidance for neurodiverse healthcare professionals, healthcare students, their managers, mentors, teams and union reps:

Deloitte Neurodiversity Learning Guides for Recruiters:


Bringing different people, with different ways of thinking, together in collaboration is how positive change happens.

European Brains at Work:

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