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A selection of some of my favourite YouTubers and videos.

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Neurodiversity Celebration Week:


Organised by Siena Castellon, and supported by Lexxic, Thinking Differently About Autism, is fantastic and I highly recommend these five videos. Over 30 autistic speakers from across the globe joined forces to make autistic voices heard. The speakers shared their insights, lived experiences and advice on a wide range of topics rarely discussed in the context of autism. 


Over 90% of the speakers were female, so the event also challenged the stereotype that only males can be autistic.





Girls and Women and Autism: What’s the difference? - Sarah Hendrickx: 

A short video in Dutch. Called Rain Woman:  



Women give a voice to the uniqueness of autism in women, and talk about some of the ways we go under the diagnostic radar: 




The Chameleons: Women with Autism. A short Australian documentary: Autistic woman, Yo Samedy Sam has a very informative YouTube channel. 



Purple Ella makes excellent videos about autism and neurodiversity:

A good little video with simple to understand pictures of 22 possible symptoms of adult Asperger’s:  


A recording of one of Sarah Hendrickx’s many useful conferences:  

Aspergers from the Inside - Paul Micallef - A very informative channel:

Yo Samedy Sam is another highly respected autistic video maker:

Neuropride Ireland:

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