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Nessy Hughes

Since that day - which she describes as the best day of her life - her personal journey has developed into something much bigger. As autism and neurodivergence in general developed into an all consuming intense interest, she found that more and more people were coming to her for information and advice.

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Nessy is a late diagnosed autistic woman, who is a passionate adocate for all autistic people. After spending the first half of her life trying to be neurotypical and feeling as though she was failing miserably, she found out at the age of 46 that she was, in fact, autistic and now has a lot of catching up to do!


Nessy is a self confessed crazy cat lady with a passion for pink, nature, creativity & diversity. She's a mum, partner, singer, songwriter, teacher, dancer, actress, writer, nurse, listening ear, gardener, chronic illness warrior...and so much more. She hopes that all her creativeness will help this website to grow and blossom into something she wishes was available when she was first enquiring about autism. 

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After being asked to submit some writing about autism for another website, she found she had accidentally written a book. That book will eventually materialise, but for now, all that writing will make its home here, at AutisticNess, where anyone will be able to access it.

AutisticNess will be a place to find information about all aspects of the autistic experience in a non-medical, understandable and human way. There will be something here for everyone - whether you are newly diagnosed, questioning, family, friend, professional, or just interested in the wonders of the autistic mind. 

Let's celebrate autisticness!

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