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Organisations & events

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Various international organisations who offer good information and guidance. Also some autism events. 


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The National Autistic Society  (UK)  


Society for Neurodiversity (S4ND)


A recently created, online, UK organisation and community of neurodiverse or neurodivergent people. Has a wonderful mission statement. Become a member for free to access services, groups of interest, online events, support and networks. Also open to English speakers abroad. 


Autact (UK)  An autistic led theatre company.  


The PDA Space  (PDA = Pathological Demand Avoidance)

Asperger Foundation 


Based in London, a website with some useful information about Asperger’s syndrome.



Autangel   UK based organisation, but has regular online webinars.


AANE (US)  Education and support for autistic people.


Autism Europe


Autism Flanders (Dutch language)


Pasform  (Belgium, Dutch language)  Flemish autism organisation


ND Nurses UK   An organisation specifically for neurodiverse nurses in the UK.

Autistic Doctors International




Autscape (UK)


An annual event over several days, run by autistic people, for autistic people. 


Autminds (the Netherlands) 


An annual event run by autistic people, for autistic people in the Netherlands. Mainly in Dutch but sometimes partly in English. 


Autreat (US)


An annual event by autistic people for autistic people in the US. 

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