Everything you wanted to know about autism, but were afraid to ask

A place to find information about all aspects of the autistic experience in a non-medical, understandable and human way. There is something here for everyone - whether you are newly diagnosed, questioning, family, friend, professional, or just interested in the wonders of the autistic mind. 

Everything you wanted to know about autism, but were afraid to ask

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Meet Nessy

Autistic crazy cat lady with a passion for pink, nature, creativity & diversity. Mum, partner, singer, songwriter, teacher, dancer, actress, writer, nurse, listening ear, gardener...

As a late diagnosed autistic woman, I am passionate about increasing awareness and acceptance of autism as a natural and beautiful part of being human - particularly in women and girls.

Let's celebrate 'autisticness'!



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A comprehensive guide to autism
Reflections by autistic adults
Further information & links

Autism is as much a part of humanity

as is the capacity to dream.

Kathleen Seidel

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